Friday, 30 November 2007


Hey, I haven't had chance to upload any cards today - so I thought I would share a great video clip instead (you may have already seen it, but if so, it's probably worth a second look):

It has a card theme and is soooo funny:


Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Sizzix Snowman

I made this cute little fella for the youth group's craft activity this week! I had to go and buy the Sizzix snowman die from EBay, as he was not surprisingly sold out in most places, and I am very pleased with it. I like the effect of the white hammered card for the snowman himself and also the snowdrift behind. I found he looked a little odd without a nose, so added the orange triangle for a carrot nose. It's great for kids card making sessions and I am sure we will all get a lot of use out of it (once a year!)

Have to say the kids were a lively bunch - well several bunches really as we had them come in 3 separate groups to make the cards as there wasn't room for them all at once. What a racket - certainly not the usual calm and relaxing crafting session!

However, I think most of them enjoyed it and it's nice to see them sat together making something for their family or friends.

Last night I got my daughter making some of these for her brownie leaders as it's their last night tonight before Christmas - scary how quickly Christmas arrives!

I must start my own Christmas cards soon - still do not have a design in mind! It needs to be quick and easy with a 100 or so to make - so I won't be making this one again in a hurry!

I normally end up sending my cards out after the last day of posting. Not good I know!


Tuesday, 27 November 2007


I was browsing thru a crafting forum earlier and came across a post enquiring about Pyrography - I expect it is going to get more popular as stores are now selling 'toys' of this.

I've done Pyrography (wood burning) several times at a Scripture Union family camp - it is absolutely addictive and even though the equipment was mainly there for the kids, parents were also absorbed and taking ages to create their own works of art. Here is what my daughter did last May, using a Disney stencil - it's a door plaque and is pretty good for an 8 year old!

You do need a bit of practice to get used to whatever tip you are using (as they will all be different) as well as the heat setting, as this will also impact on your 'writing/ drawing' result. So practice on scraps of wood first. I found outlining a simple line drawing, or tracing around a stencil with a pencil works best - unless you are really good at art!

Images can be left or they can be coloured in with whatever you want - felt tips, crayons, watercolour. The equipment we were using was the genuine, old fashioned stuff - very, very hot (the metal tips could glow red hot from the heat), so adult supervision was necessary and there was temperature cuts outs, a safety switch off button as well as a pot of water big enough to put hand in (this has to be kept away from the electrics though!) Having said this - kids of 4-6 were managing very well.I have seen - and will be interested to see any reviews - of the new pyrography 'toys' currently being sold.

If the new 'toys' (I wouldn't class them as toys, unless they have some new technical stuff that burns into wood without the tip getting hot) are as good, I might go out and buy one tomorrow! (The 'proper' ones are available at places like Hobbycraft and on EBay, but I guess like anything, it's worth getting a recommendation before buying.)

If you know more - and/or can recommend a product and where to buy - please let me know! Thanks.

My first Stampin' Up! Cards

I finally got the photos to upload! Here are the 2 cards that I made last week.

They are pretty simple and copied directly from the SU booklet as I needed something really quick and easy, having only half an hour or so to make a couple of cards up, after getting all the stamps mounted and my paper and ink organised!
For the birthday card, I just love the combination of tempting turquoise and green galore. I used flowers from the Mixed Bouquet Set - creating a watermark effect with versamark ink on the blue card. Wrapped white SU ribbon around that and then mounted onto the green. Stamped a flower from Mixed Bouquet set in green galore and on top stamped a birthday greeting (from Cheers and Wishes set) in black - mounted this onto the watermarked turquoise.

Thank You card is made with SU real red and green galore card stock. Used the Jumbo Spot On Stampin Around Wheel with versamark ink to create a watermarked border (sorry, it didn't show up well in the photo) down the right hand half of the card (what fun I am going to have with these Stampin Around wheels, they are great!) Then stamped the flower and thank you circle from the Seeing Spots set, in real red and green galore inks, onto a small white square. Mounted that onto green galore card and then stuck onto centre of card.

I love the way these SU stamp sets, along with the card and ink, co-ordinate so that all the hard work is taken out of designing a card, if a quick one is needed. I really need to build up a stock of cards, as it is always a last minute rush making a card for someone - I'll do this whilst having fun, playing around with these new sets.

Sunday, 25 November 2007


Wow - what a brilliant weekend we had in France! We had a long weekend there, Christmas shopping in Calais (how that place has changed in 20 years!) Lots of excellent food, supermarket, clothes and speciality shopping!

The best restaurant there is Le Channel, and well worth a visit but you do need to book - - their shop is a real treat also with wines of varying prices and specialities, along with a great deal of expert advice from Arnaud and tempting gift ideas (the cheeses always look great too, but we never have space in our car for a cool box!)

At Cite Europe, I got a little something for my Stampin' Up! workshops and classes - a very large free standing wire Cat which will display cards, along with a smaller free standing display, with a matching cat theme - I think they are meant for displaying photos. I will try and take some photos of those tomorrow (along with my first SU cards - which blogger refuses to load at the moment....)