Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Sizzix Snowman

I made this cute little fella for the youth group's craft activity this week! I had to go and buy the Sizzix snowman die from EBay, as he was not surprisingly sold out in most places, and I am very pleased with it. I like the effect of the white hammered card for the snowman himself and also the snowdrift behind. I found he looked a little odd without a nose, so added the orange triangle for a carrot nose. It's great for kids card making sessions and I am sure we will all get a lot of use out of it (once a year!)

Have to say the kids were a lively bunch - well several bunches really as we had them come in 3 separate groups to make the cards as there wasn't room for them all at once. What a racket - certainly not the usual calm and relaxing crafting session!

However, I think most of them enjoyed it and it's nice to see them sat together making something for their family or friends.

Last night I got my daughter making some of these for her brownie leaders as it's their last night tonight before Christmas - scary how quickly Christmas arrives!

I must start my own Christmas cards soon - still do not have a design in mind! It needs to be quick and easy with a 100 or so to make - so I won't be making this one again in a hurry!

I normally end up sending my cards out after the last day of posting. Not good I know!


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Ali said...

my experience you usually send them out in the new year!

I love the blog and the cards - and can't wait to see your new Stampin Up stuff.