Tuesday, 27 November 2007


I was browsing thru a crafting forum earlier and came across a post enquiring about Pyrography - I expect it is going to get more popular as stores are now selling 'toys' of this.

I've done Pyrography (wood burning) several times at a Scripture Union family camp - it is absolutely addictive and even though the equipment was mainly there for the kids, parents were also absorbed and taking ages to create their own works of art. Here is what my daughter did last May, using a Disney stencil - it's a door plaque and is pretty good for an 8 year old!

You do need a bit of practice to get used to whatever tip you are using (as they will all be different) as well as the heat setting, as this will also impact on your 'writing/ drawing' result. So practice on scraps of wood first. I found outlining a simple line drawing, or tracing around a stencil with a pencil works best - unless you are really good at art!

Images can be left or they can be coloured in with whatever you want - felt tips, crayons, watercolour. The equipment we were using was the genuine, old fashioned stuff - very, very hot (the metal tips could glow red hot from the heat), so adult supervision was necessary and there was temperature cuts outs, a safety switch off button as well as a pot of water big enough to put hand in (this has to be kept away from the electrics though!) Having said this - kids of 4-6 were managing very well.I have seen - and will be interested to see any reviews - of the new pyrography 'toys' currently being sold.

If the new 'toys' (I wouldn't class them as toys, unless they have some new technical stuff that burns into wood without the tip getting hot) are as good, I might go out and buy one tomorrow! (The 'proper' ones are available at places like Hobbycraft and on EBay, but I guess like anything, it's worth getting a recommendation before buying.)

If you know more - and/or can recommend a product and where to buy - please let me know! Thanks.

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