Saturday, 19 January 2008

Card Making Magazine Offers

You know I like a bargain - so here are a couple that I have just taken advantage of - I have done it before, so I know they are genuine offers. 3 magazines for £1 - that's right just one pound for the lot! Of course there is a hitch - you have to set up a direct debit for the £1 and then the full quarterly amount every 3 months thereafter - so if you forget to cancel your subscription & direct debit after your first 2/3 issues, it's no longer a bargain.

But hey - with a calender (belt and braces, I'll set a reminder on my mobile phone too!) it's not too hard to cancel!

The first is £1 for 3 issues of Crafts Beautiful magazine - and they are also throwing in a free gift!
Go to:, (weird website, but it works) put in UK and ensure you check the £1 button. If it asks for a code, its QVC0108 and you will need to provide your bank details.

The second one is for Papercraft Inspirations, same trial offer, you just need to cancel within 60 days if you don't want to carry on, and its at: Again bank codes needed.


Kim said...

Thanks for sharing those offers. Great mags. KIm sbs8

Gwen Snater said...

I just love getting magazines in the mail!! nothing like a hard day at the office & opening the mail box & there it is!!!

Yvonne63 said...

Thanks for the magazine tips! As the previous comment said - I also love getting a good read through the post :-)